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KIPO-WIPO Holds International Education Course Concerning Intellectual Property.
2014-12-15 13:34 111177

KIPO-WIPO Holds International Education Course Concerning Intellectual Property.


From November 5th to 7th, at the Korea Intellectual Property Center in Gangnam, Seoul, KIPO successfully operated the “Korea-WIPO Advanced International Certificate Course.”

This special course, which was designed to provide training on international intellectual property (IP) matters, was co-sponsored by KIPO, WIPO, KAIST, and the Korea Invention Promotion Association. This course is an intensive, offline, English-oriented course that deals with IP utilization strategies pertaining to global business management.

A total of 40 participants from 23 different countries attended this year’s course, after first having successfully completed the preliminary course online. Course lectures were provided by various distinguished IP experts, such as Professor Clinton W. Francis from Northwestern Law School; Mr. Philip Mendes, a licensing and technology transfer expert from Australia; Mr. Matthew Rainey from WIPO’s Innovation Division; and Professor Choi Dong-jin, a lecturer for KAIST’s Master’s in Intellectual Property program.

According to Professor Clinton W. Francis, “This program is special since the participants come from various sectors, including corporations, the academic and legal sectors, and government. This program also suggests methods of intellectual property management for business success. In addition to the educational opportunities that this course provides, participants are also enabled to network with experts from all over the world.”

Kwon Oh-jung, General Director of the Intellectual Property Protection & International Cooperation Bureau, stated that, through this program, high-level human resources can be fashioned into successful IP experts ready to do business in global markets.

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