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Ylang-ylang extractor developed with Korean AT to be supplied to the Philippines
2014-02-12 11:29 3014

Ylang-ylang extractor developed with Korean AT to be supplied to the Philippines

The Korean Intellectual Property Office announced that it has completed development of a ylang-ylang oil extractor using appropriate technology. Cananga odorata, commonly called ylang-ylang, is a tree that produces the essential oils widely used in aromatherapy. KIPO plans to supply the extractor jointly with the local government of Anao in the Philippines.

※ Appropriate technology (AT) refers to technology created using materials which can be easily obtained in developing countries to solve socioeconomic difficulties suffered by local populations.

KIPO developed the extractor and created a prototype that can extract high-quality oil in collaboration with Thinktop R&D, a Korean company that specializes in oil extractors, and the Korea Invention Promotion Association. KIPO plans to supply it to eighteen villages in Anao.

The extractor has been specifically developed to extract oil from the flowers of the ylang-ylang tree which can be found in abundance throughout Anao. It can extract brighter colored oil than existing extractors.

The existing oil extractors in Anao often overheat and struggle to maintain efficiency, leading to reduced productivity for many businesses.

KIPO recently tested the prototype in the Philippines to verify its performance and delivered it to the local government.

The Anao government made efforts to consolidate its budget for the program so that it will be able to supply the extractor to eighteen villages and help increase income for local ylang-ylang farmers.

“For the oil extractor developed with appropriate technology to be used in the Philippines, we will link the project with existing local government projects, which we believe is especially meaningful,” said Director Eom Tae-min of KIPO’s Multilateral Affairs Division.

KIPO supported the construction of insulation for bamboo housing in Nepal in May 2013, through an appropriate technology development project using patent information.

Meanwhile, KIPO plans to hold a workshop on the state and future direction of Korean appropriate technology provision projects in Seoul in July, with funds worth US$90,000 for the workshop obtained from the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC).

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